1. Provider of the General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Ralph Leonhardt, Barigerstr. 3, 35799 Merenberg. Here you can print the .

2. Definition

  • buenoo Online-Plattform and Subplattforms,,,,,,,,,,, m.menu8co referred to as "platform".
  • The contracting party that provides the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) to the other party is here referred to as the "provider". Ralph Leonhardt, Barigerstr. 3, 35799 Merenberg is referred to as "provider".
  • Persons which are older then 18 years old (consumers in the sense of § 13 BGB German Civil Code) are called "user".
  • Companies, enterprises, organizations and commercial providers who use the buenoo "platform" to publish information, arrange appointments, buy or sell services and products are referred to as "business user".
  • The password-protected and secured area at the buenoo "platform" where "business users" create the company profile, add branches, employee and define settings are referred to as "business user account".
  • The password-protected and secured area at the buenoo "platform" which is created by the "business user" in the "business user account" for "employee" and assigned to the "business user account" are referred to as "business employee account". Settings of the "business employee account" are controlled by the "business user account".
  • The contract language is German. Translations into other languages are for information purposes only. Any differences between the language versions, the German text is valid.

3. Scope

  • The following general terms and conditions for business customers are for all "business user".
  • By using the "platform", the "business user" agree and confirm the General Terms and Conditions for business customers and accept the privacy policy. Conflicting terms and conditions of use are hereby rejected.
  • "User" can find the general terms and conditions here: General Terms and Conditions for Consumer.
  • The "platform" is created for international "business user".
  • The use of the "platform" is permitted for "users" and "business users".

4. Scope of services & contractual relationships

  • buenoo is a "platform" with the following focus:
    • Mobility. Beauty, fitness, health, appearance and beauty
    • Sports, marathons, tours
    • Market place for beauty, sport, mobility
  • buenoo as a "platform" offers "business users" to inform other "business users" and "users", to arrange appointments, publish job offers, buy and sell products or services. "Business users" and "users" should come in touch to each other, provide information and offers for products, services, news and events, receive new information and arrange appointments.
  • The buenoo "platform" is a multi-user platform. This means, that each "business user" can create, edit and delete different "business employee accounts" for specific tasks and with different rights from his "business user account". These are assigned to the "business user account" of the "business user".
  • The buenoo "platform" uses a Version Control System (VCS) which allows old content to remain be active, until the new, changed content has been confirmed. All important data which is created or changed must first be checked and approved by the "provider" and complies with the current EU data protection regulations.
  • The "business user" has the possibility to check his data and get information about the saved data.
  • The "business users" are responsible for the correctness of the information. The "provider" cannot assume any liability or guarantee for the correctness of the information provided from the "business user". The "provider" has no influence of the content, which are generally provided by the "business users" in form of publications in the "business user or employee account" or in electronic form, for example e-mail.
  • The "provider" does not become a contractual partner of any bookings, orders or contracts that the "user" may have made on the "platform" or after contacting the "business user". The buenoo "platform" only presents services and products that can be purchased, news content (company, product and services, events and job offers) from "business users" which have been previously saved and published on the "platform" or transmitted to the "provider". Therefore the "provider" is excluded in principle from the law.

5. Free services

  • Before the "business user" can use any services, a "business user account" of the "business user" must be created on the buenoo "platform". The "business user" must select the subplatform which match the offers and register here.
  • Registration of the "business user" on the buenoo "platform" (german/english)
    • Company presentation with logo + company pictures
    • Branch offices
    • Employee
    • Confirm services, under which the "business user" want to be found
    are free of charge. The "business user" is obliged to fill in truthful information which are necessary in German and English.
  • To create a "business user account" it is necessary to provide personal data and the actual contact details:
    • Company name, first name and surname of the main contact person, gender, the specification of a valid e-mail address, website, telephone number and the allocation of a password. Further information are voluntary.
    • The e-mail will be confirmed with the opt-in procedure. The e-mail is confirmed and is valid after the registration form has been successfully confirmed, an e-mail arrives at the specified e-mail address with the request to confirm the e-mail and to confirm it successfully.
    • The e-mail from the buenoo "platform" must be opened and confirmed in the specified e-mail box within the next 30 minutes after sending the registration form.
    • Here is available a instruction for setting up a "business user account".
    • Due to the international orientation, the setup in the "business user account" should be in German and English.
  • After successful registration, the "business user" can access the protected area the "business user account" of the "platform" with "login" and "password".

6. Paid services

  • Premium services for "business users":
    • Product and service offerings
    • Team Appointment calendar administration, appointment settings
    • PR and corporate news
    • Events, trade fairs
    • Job offers, find job seekers
    • Annual amount 119 Euro excl. VAT
    • Test us now 30 days completely free of charge and without any contractual obligation.
  • The settings of the Team Appointment Calendar Administration can be setup in the "business user account".
  • All other premium services (offers, appointment calendar, news, events and job offers) are created through the "business employee accounts".
  • For the use of paid services, there is a "Premium Services Request Form" in the "business user account" where the "business users" can apply the wished additional services.
  • The paid services are applied per each branch and divided into basic and extension contract.
  • The basic contract contains one branch and its employees.
  • Every additional extension contract contains one additional branch office and its employees.
  • All created premium services of the "business user" are assigned to a branch.

7. Warranty & Disclaimer

  • The "provider" uses the greatest possible care in creating and monitoring the buenoo "platform". No responsibility is taken for the correctness of the information on the "platform". This applies in particular to the correctness of product and service offers, job offers, descriptions and pictures, appointment calendars, events, news or contact data, the existence or a certain availability, quality standard of service offers etc.
  • All information, offers, dates, which are displayed or offered at the "platform", are based on the information provided by "business users" or researched or received electronically by the "provider". The verification of the displayed information are checked with the greatest possible care .
  • The "provider" do the best, to ensure that the buenoo "platform" is constantly accessible. One hundred percent accessibility cannot be guaranteed on the internet. Liability is therefore excluded for server failures. The "provider" is not responsible for mistakes in content, inaccurate, misleading or untrue information or failure of transmited information at any time. This also applies if the "business user" not saved relevant information or otherwise made it permanently accessible. Possible recommendations and evaluations are always the views of third parties.
  • The buenoo "platform" is basically available for free and commercial use. Any other use than described, requires prior consent. This also applies to the integration of the buenoo "platform" in other commercial portals. It is therefore not permitted to distribute content or information, software, products or services available on the "platform" for commercial or competitive purposes, to link to sub-pages of websites, to use, copy, extract, republish, upload or reproduce them. This applies also for copying, editing, translation, saving, processing or reproduction of contents in databases or other electronic media and systems. However, buenoo is happy to accept requests in this regard.
  • If contains links at the buenoo "platform" to third-party websites, such as service providers and organisers, these are subject to the liability of the respective operators. When creating the external links, the "provider" has checked the external content, in particular whether there are any legal violations; no legal violations were apparent to the "provieder". The "provider" therefore has no influence on the current and future design and content of the linked pages. In case of knowledge or indication of legal violations, such external links will be checked and deleted immediately. The "provider" will check the links regularly. According to § 254 BGB German Civil Code, the discovery of legal infringements are subject to an obligation to notify the "platform". This also applies to these GTC. Any kind of warnings are therefore excluded without prior notice and request for correction.
  • The "provider" excludes liability within the framework of the statutory provisions for all damages that may arise from the use of the buenoo "platform", unless these are based on intent or gross negligence. According to the regulations of these GTC, the "provider" is only liable for direct damages that have incurred due to a failure to fulfill the obligations, but only up to the amount of the respective contract value.

8. Paid services to sell services

  • Offering services are permitted and wished on the buenoo "platform". These are setup, saved and updated either by the "business user" or by the "provider".
  • "Business users" have the opportunity to offer services, publish job offers, news, events, arrange appointments with "users" on the buenoo "platform". The "provider" charge a monthly fee or submits a price for publication. The contract is concluded through acceptance. However, a claim for publication only arises upon receipt of payment.
  • By concluding a contract, the "provider" is obligated to publish services, appointments on the buenoo "platform". The "business user" is obligated to pay the contractual fee and to release the "provider" from any liability. The "provider" is not responsible for the creation and correctness of the content of the advertisements and link targets.
  • Services and appointments that the "user" confirm on the buenoo "platform", a contract is created between the "business user" and the "user". The "provider" has no influence on these contracts. Therefore, any liability on the part of the "provider" is also fundamentally excluded within the framework of the law.

9. Paid services to sell products

  • Sales of products are permitted and wished on the buenoo "platform". These are setup, saved and updated either by the "business user" or by the "provider".
  • "Business users" have the opportunity to offer and sell products on the buenoo "platform". The "provider" charge x% for products sold on the "platform". The contract is concluded through acceptance.
  • By concluding a contract, the "provider" is obligated to publish products on the buenoo "platform" for a contractually defined period. The "business user" is obligated to pay the contractual fee and to release the "provider" from any liability. The "provider" is not responsible for the creation and correctness of the content of the advertisements and link targets.
  • Products that the "user" has purchased on the buenoo "platform", a contract is created between the "business user" and the "user". The "provider" has no influence on these contracts. Therefore, any liability on the part of the "provider" is also excluded in principle within the framework of the law.

10. Services for advertisements

  • Offering advertisements on the buenoo "platform" is permitted and wished. These are setup, saved and updated either by the "business user" or by the "provider".
  • "Business users" have the opportunity to arrange advertisements by contacting and registering on the buenoo "platform". The "provider" submits a price offer for advertising. A claim of publication only arises with the receipt of payment.
  • By concluding a contract, the "provider" is obligated to publish the advertisements on the buenoo "platform". The "business users" is obligated to pay the contractual remuneration and to release the "provider" from any liability. The "provider" is not responsible for the creation and correctness of the content of the advertisements and link targets.

11. Contents of paid services

  • Content is always a subject of activation by the "provider", to which the "business user" has no claim in the case of (a), and in case of (b), the contractually agreed claim.
  • Content from "business users" may not be published, if they are from external platforms or violates laws, especially if it incites or instigates hatred based on race, religion, gender, sexuality or other antisocial behaviour, glorifies, incites or supports violence, supports, glorifies or incites illegal activities, contains misleading, pornographic, defamatory or illegal content or violates the personal rights of others. Only offers in the areas of beauty, sports, fitness, health, beauty, hair care, body care, relaxing and sport are permitted.
  • The "business user" who created the content is always responsible for correctness of the information and links provided or saved on the "platform". The "provider" reserves the right to remove illegal links and offers after becoming aware of them. Contracts and terms are not affected by this. A claim for reimbursement does not exist in case of illegal use in any case. The "provider" reserves the right to remove or block messages which not match the content of the "platform" or illegal.
  • Texts and publications on the buenoo "platform" are subject to review by the "provider". They will only be activated after verification. A claim of activation exists if the content is in accordance with these terms and conditions.

12. Terms for content confirmation

  • For created or modified content, which require the confirmation from the "provider", these can be confirmed within 24 hours on the usual working days (Monday - Friday).
  • The rights for paid services can be set up within 24 hours on normal working days (Monday - Friday).

13. Misuse

  • The "business user" is obliged to refrain from any kind of technical intervention such as hacking attempts, circumventing security mechanisms or otherwise rendering them ineffective on the buenoo "platform".
  • Any violation of Point 11 entitles the "provider" to immediately block the "business user account" and the assigned "business employee accounts". Within 30 days, the "business user" may lodge an appeal in form of an e-mail to clarify the facts of the case.
  • If the facts of the case cannot be clarified in favour of the "business user", the termination will take place in accordance with point 16 of these GTC.

14. Terms of payment

For the services and advertisements on the buenoo "platform", bank transfer or Paypal to the account of the "provider" are accepted.

15. Delay of payments

  • For the services and advertisements on the buenoo "platform", the "login" and all activies will be blocked if the outstanding payments delay more then 30 days.
  • Outstanding payments will be discussed in detail and only if there is no solution, it be solved through a lawyer.

16. Duration and termination

  • The contract of free service and use of the "platform" by the "business user" is concluded for a not limited period of time. The "business user" and the "provider" may revoke this contract in text form to the end of the next month without giving any reasons. For more information, please read the revocation instruction.
  • In the "business user account" the "business user" can set his "business user account" to the status "delete". This will automatically delete the "business user account" after one months after the last login. Created publications remain unaffected. These must be set to the status "delete" before the "business user account" is deleted, that they are also permanently deleted. We refer to our separately viewable privacy policy.
  • Here you find the revocation instruction for paid services.

17. Privacy policy

The data protection is very important. For more detailed information we refer to the current and available privacy policy. By using the "platform", you declare that you have read and also accepted this policy.

18. Changes of the General Terms and Conditions

The "provider" reserves the right to change less important parts in these GTC at any time and without giving reasons, in case that these changes do not lead to an overall change in the contractual structure. Changed conditions of the GTC will be sent to the "business users" by e-mail two weeks before the change will happen. If the "business user" has not objected to the amended GTC in text form (e.g. by e-mail) within four weeks of receipt of the e-mail, the amended terms and conditions shall be deemed to have been accepted. If the "business user" objects to the new GTC, the "providers" request for changes is deemed to be rejected. The contract is then continued without the proposed amendment. The right of the "provider" to terminate the contract remains unaffected. This possibility of termination is also pointed out separately.

19. Online Dispute Resolution

The European Commission provides a online dispute resolution platform, which you can find at We are not obliged and generally not prepared to participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration board.

20. Miscellaneous & final provisions

  • Unless otherwise confirmed, the software used for the buenoo "platform" and the intellectual property, including copyrights to the content and applications, is the property of the "provider".
  • The "provider" reserves the exclusive right to use the brand name "buenoo". Any unlawful use constitutes a material infringement of intellectual property rights.
  • Contracts between the "provider" and the "business user" shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. UN Convention for contracts for the international sale of goods are excluded.
  • If one of the provisions of this contract is or becomes invalid for any reason, it shall be replaced by a provision which comes closest to the intended one. Alternatively, the legal regulation shall be used as far as no or invalid regulations have been made here. There are basically no additional agreements to this agreement.
  • If the "business user" is a legal entity, the place of jurisdiction for all disputes is the court in 35799 Weilburg in Germany.
We hope you enjoy the services of buenoo.

The buenoo - Team.

Last update: 12.08.2020